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man jumping into the water

Do you ever feel stuck in the same cycle, repeating over and over again? Asking yourself, “Will this cycle ever end? If so, when?” The truth is, you decide when the cycle ends.

21 Oct 2019
celebrate safely

Sporting events like the AFL and NRL grand final are exciting times for celebration. We share how to celebrate safely without relying on drinking and gambling.

26 Sep 2019

Saturday August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day (IOAD). This is a day where people from all over the world acknowledge and remember the lives of those lost to drug overdose.

23 Aug 2019
girl meditating in the sun

We recently examined the negative thinking patterns that turn our thoughts sour, in Gloomy guts: 5 ways that negativity clouds our thinking.

14 Aug 2019
q & a

The Counselling Online peer support forums recently hosted a special Q&A with Shannon, our guest alcohol and drug counsellor from Turning Point.

07 Aug 2019
jumping in puddles

Negative thinking can take over our thoughts until they start to feel normal. We share 5 ways to learn how to recognise when negativity is clouding our thoughts.

31 Jul 2019
man exercising

Here are some tips on how to pick yourself up and dust yourself off if you’ve recently experienced a relapse, or feel you are at risk.

26 Jun 2019
man trying new hobby

Changing your drinking or drug habits can be difficult at the best of times, but it sometimes feels even harder in Aussie culture, where alcohol seems to form the cornerstone of so many of our social interactions.

06 Jun 2019
time to cut down drinking

Drinking alcohol, for many Australians, is a regular part of life. Broadly people think that drinking is safe, especially because it’s legal and very easy to buy. However, it can do a great deal of damage to people, as well as their families and communities.

14 Apr 2019

Do I need to make a change to my drinking and drug use? Once we've identified that we need to make a change we can take the right steps.

28 Mar 2019
friends supporting each other

I grew up with an alcoholic father, and in years to come it would be that my three brothers would have a similar path.

07 Dec 2016
prepare for change

Have you been thinking about cutting down or completely stopping your alcohol or drug use for a while? It’s common that people aren’t sure where to start, so we are going to have a look at some easy ways to help prepare for change.

11 Nov 2016
helping loved ones

One of the involved peers at Turning Point shares his recovery story and how helping others stay on track helped him stay on track.

24 Oct 2016
woman reading in a hammock to relax

Jesse and Sam’s situations are quite different but they have both got into a habit of using alcohol to manage stress and relax. They both contacted Counselling Online because they were worried about their drinking.

24 Oct 2016