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    Explore stories, articles and strategies to support making change and living healthier. Our blogs are about life in general and in relation to alcohol and other substances.

    16 Jul 2020

    Relationships & Sex counsellor Jeremy Shub recently joined us in the Counselling Online Forums to discuss how recovery can effect intimacy and sexual drive. Here’s what he had to say about how we can connect with others when we have an addiction, trauma or distress.

    13 Jul 2020

    How well can you control your own impulses? Researchers at Monash University have created a brand new game which measures exactly that.

    03 Jul 2020

    Gambling and Alcohol counsellors often hear people admit: “I only gamble when I’ve had a couple.” Here are some activities you can try instead while social-distancing at home.

    Ice is a very powerful drug

    Ice is a very powerful drug

    Learn more about methamphetamines, commonly referred to as 'ice' or 'meth', and information about ways to help yourself or someone you care about.

    Find out more about meth

    Learn about methamphetamines and its effects.

    More about meth

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    Learn how to help family and friends through tough times.

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