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Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can require us to make painful choices. We offer some tips to help you deal with the grief of recovery.

30 Jul 2021

12 years ago, Peer Support Worker Eddie quit smoking marijuana and changed his life. He shares his story.

14 Jul 2021
woman using gold smartphone | photo by Chad Madden

At Counselling Online, we know it can be intimidating to approach a total stranger about what’s going on in your life. Meet one of our alcohol and other drug counsellors - Rosie - and learn more about how and why she become a counsellor.

17 Jun 2021
writing in journal

Peer worker Oliver shares advice on how journaling helps his recovery.

10 Jun 2021
photo of two women on an adventure | taken by priscilladupreez

At Counselling Online, we know it can be intimidating to approach a total stranger about what’s going on in your life. Meet one of our alcohol and other drug counsellors - Kathleen - and learn more about why she become a counsellor.

11 Mar 2021
man staying calm looking into the horizon

We often hear from people who are ambivalent or nervous about seeing a face-to-face counsellor for the first time. It’s actually something we hear all the time — from a little apprehension to full-on freaking out.

03 Mar 2021
man holding cat

While many of us are looking forward to Christmas and New Year holidays, for others the festive season can be overwhelming whether you’re busy with social engagements, or feeling the sting of loneliness or loss.

18 Dec 2020
photo of a woman trying to sleep by saseko @

Many people associate alcohol with relaxation but what does it really do to your sleep? Dr Rowan Ogeil talks about the affects alcohol has on your sleep.

17 Dec 2020
ericjamesward thehappydoggo

Every morning, my dog jumps on the bed and wakes me up by snuggling as close as she can to my head and puts her wet nose into my hair. Even though I might grump and groan about her waking me, the resulting rush of endorphins gets me out of bed feeling ready and energised to start the day.

08 Dec 2020
addicted australia episode 4

We follow the participants through the final weeks of their treatment program. We see that the road to recovery isn’t a straight line, and observe that addiction, like other health conditions, can be characterised by periods of improvement and periods of vulnerability.

01 Dec 2020
Addicted Australia Episode 3

In this episode the participants are halfway through the treatment program. We check in on how they are and follow the ups and downs experienced by people in recovery.

24 Nov 2020
addicted australia episode 2

In this episode we learn more about the participants and their families, gaining further insight into what it’s like to receive addiction treatment and support.

17 Nov 2020
free fall, woods | photo by gcalebjones @

People often ask us: How do I respond if someone approaches me about a problem with drugs or alcohol? Here are 9 tips to show how to help.

11 Nov 2020
Addicted Australia Episode 1

Trigger Warning: For some people in recovery watching Addicted Australia there may be some parts of the show that are triggering, particularly in relation to alcohol and drug use. You may want to seek support while watching if this is the case.

10 Nov 2020
rethink addiction

With the ground-breaking SBS series, Addicted Australia set to air in November 2020, there has never been a better time to Rethink Addiction.

04 Nov 2020
col website update 2020

You may notice a few things have changed on Counselling Online. We’ve been adding new information and tools to make our site even more helpful.

27 Oct 2020
woman writing in her journal by avasol

Australians often feel pressure to drink at social gatherings, but that's changing, and you can too. We discuss how.

21 Oct 2020
a woman caring for her grandmother

When we foster wellbeing it helps us how to grow our mental resources, and our mental resources enable us to be resilient. Learn the three basic needs that help to cultivate resilience.

15 Oct 2020