Signs of a problem

Are you concerned that someone you know has an alcohol or drug problem? Here’s what to look for and what to do next.

Understanding addiction

Addiction is often misunderstood; understanding how it works and why people become addicted can be useful when trying to help someone else.

Starting the conversation

Unsure how to have a conversation about addiction? Here’s how to prepare yourself and find the right time.

Accessing support yourself

The effects of addiction can be far reaching, and impact more than the person using alcohol or other drugs. Support is available for you too.

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If you find you identify signs of a problem and are looking for further supports CounsellingOnline has partnered with the Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC), BreakThrough and Family Drug Help (FDH) to pilot family and peer support programmes.

The programmes are free and non-judgemental, they provide ongoing connection for those who are affected by someone else’s alcohol and other drugs use. Learn more at the links below to see which option is best for you.

Family Support Group

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Our monthly online Family Support Group provides an opportunity to connect with others and access helpful information.

BreakThrough Sessions

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Workshops for people impacted by someone’s drug use. Providing information, support options and helping you develop strategies.

Family Counselling

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Private sessions for family and friends. We help you identify your needs, explore challenges & work together to overcome them.

Family & Friends Forum

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Connect, be inspired, motivate others. Share your experience & strategies...