Our service

Operated by Turning Point in Victoria and funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health, Counselling Online provides assistance to Australian residents concerned about alcohol & other drugs. 

Our primary service is online text-based counselling for people concerned about their own drinking or drug use. The service is equally available to people concerned about a family member, relative or friend.

Our service also provides:

Counselling Online services are free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

Our story

Counselling Online has been in operation since 2006 providing an online method for people affected by alcohol & other drugs to seek help.  

We understand that the stigma associated with alcohol and drug use can make it difficult for individuals to reach out for help.  We provide a safe, anonymous and confidential space for people to disclose their problems and receive information and options about next steps.  We aim for this interaction to be positive and judgement free so that the next step can feel far less daunting and achievable.

We aim to provide service for people at all stages of help seeking:

  • for first time help seekers
  • for people waiting for treatment
  • people in treatment that require additional support, particularly after hours
  • people who have completed treatment and want to stay on track
  • for people in recovery wanting to connect with others or prevent relapse
  • for people supporting a significant other with a drug and alcohol problem.

We understand that recovery from a drug and alcohol issue can be difficult and prone to lapse and relapse. We believe that every moment counts and even the most difficult times can be opportunities to learn, so stay connected and join our community.      

Our counsellors

Counselling Online services are provided by counselling staff with professional qualifications and experience in alcohol and drug counselling and treatment. These staff are employed by Turning Point in Victoria.

Our staff have a range of qualifications in health sciences, including Psychology, Social Work, Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing and Welfare Studies. Counselling Online staff also have specialised experience in alcohol and drug treatment delivery. This often includes experience in face-to-face alcohol and drug treatment services in the community.

Counselling Online services are delivered within a harm minimisation framework. Our counselling and support services are provided with reference to current clinical practice standards and guidelines for alcohol and drug service delivery.

Further information on the profile and training of Counselling Online staff is available on request via the feedback form.


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