Our forum is going to a place for anyone affected by alcohol and other drugs to connect with others that have similar experiences

It will be a safe place to make friends and connect with peers, keep track of your recovery efforts, be inspired and motivated by others, be liberated, share your strategies and help others.

Why would I join the Forum?

The Forum will be a non-threatening peer-moderated community, designed to assist you in your road towards recovery.

Its main aims will be:

  • Promote solidarity and healing through shared experience and connection with peers.
  • Provide a non-threatening way to access support if you are reluctant or not ready to access more formal help.
  • Provide additional support for you if you are currently attempting change, including if you are engaged in formal treatment, particularly between sessions
We would like to hear from you!

We are developing our topic areas at the moment and we would love to hear if you have any suggestions for topics - just click on contact us below and let us know your suggestions!

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