“Online engagement represents an effective way of supporting the process of recovery” [1]

“Evidence suggests that a peer-supported community programme focused on self-determination can have a significant positive impact on recovery…” [2] 

The recovery-oriented online community is a non-judgemental, welcoming, and safe place to connect with others with similar life experiences. It is a place to connect with peers, be inspired and liberated by others, and share your journey, strategies and advice. 

It is a place for both those maintaining change, and concerned friends and family. 

Our community’s shared philosophy: 

The Counselling Online Forum is a recovery orientated peer support community for people affected by their own or a significant others substance use. Our community celebrates the journey of recovery by embracing the path of change. Whilst acknowledging where we have come from, and being mindful of this moment in time, we focus on where we are going as we take our steps forward.

Why would I join? 

  • Safe, confidential and non-judgemental community promoting social connectedness and healing.   
  • Open to all recovery-focused people, regardless the stage of their journey.  
  • A dedicated area for friends and family of those affected by substance use, to share support and advice in caring for themselves and others. 
  • A great way to maintain support when moving beyond treatment.  
  • Keep track of your recovery efforts and lifestyle changes. 
  • Structured, moderated and resourced by specialised professionals.  
  • The forum can help you move through urges and feelings. 

Who the forum is suitable for: 

  • People in Australia, aged over 18 years. 
  • People contemplating making changes to their substance use.
  • People taking action and making changes to problematic substance use
  • People who see themselves as ‘in recovery’ or ‘recovered’ from substance use.
  • Friends and family of people managing problematic substance use.

Please read our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use when starting to use the community. 

Visit the forums  Register here

[1] Bliuc, Ana-Maria & Best, David & Iqbal, Muhammad & Upton, Katie. (2017). Building addiction recovery capital through online participation in a recovery community. Social Science & Medicine, http://doi.org/10.1016/j.socscimed.2017.09.050

[2] Boisvert, R. A., Martin, L. M., Grosek, M., & Clarie, A. J. (2008). Effectiveness of a peer‐support community in addiction recovery: participation as intervention. Occupational Therapy International, 15(4), 205-220.