28 Mar 19

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Do I need to make a change?

In life, we are often on autopilot. We can be unaware of the problems we carry until they have an obvious and undeniable effect on us or the important people in our lives. Recognising that we have a problem, working out how to change the problem and keeping that change going can be difficult.

Is it time?

Distress and discomfort can make it hard to stop, think and sort our thoughts. We know things can be different, we want them to be different, but we just can’t seem to find the time and space to work out what needs to change.

Even when we identify the problem, a feeling of doubt can cloud our vision. Doubt can mean that we avoid dealing with the problem. We ignore it and hope it goes away. Even with a push from those we care about, we deny our problem is real or make out that it is smaller than it is – it’s okay, I’ll change it tomorrow. Then tomorrow arrives and once more we ask – is it time?

It is time!

When we avoid a problem, it grows until it becomes too heavy for us to carry. Today arrives and we know we cannot continue like yesterday. We decide enough is enough. We know we have to do something. We try to name the problem and work out why it must change. We look at how life could be different without it. We look at how we could be different without it. We begin to hope that change is possible, then we start to believe that we can change things with the right strategies. We decide – it is time!

It is time for what?

A useful first step to deciding the ‘what’ is to identify where you’re at. If you can identify where you are, then you can then look at what is the best next step — the first step on the path of change. Some would say the first step to recovery. The steps are different for everybody:

Usually, the size of the problem will help you decide which strategy best suits you.

If you’re ready to make a change to the role of alcohol or drugs in your life but you’re not sure about your first steps, jump onto our forum and join the conversation. You are not alone. You’ll find people making the same decisions you are. Their company may be all the empowerment you need to find your path.

If the forums don’t feel right for you, you can always speak to one of our qualified, non-judgmental counsellors on the phone or online.

Remember: every path is different; you just need to find yours.