Recovery means emotionally experiencing everything life has to offer

I distinctly remember starting to use cannabis daily at 18 the summer I left school. From then till 31 years I would be affected most days either cannabis, or alcohol or a combination of ice, and e, but cannabis remained my drug of choice, a constant favourite.

I have been abstinent for just over two years. I attribute this time to all the help I have looked for and found in AOD services. But what led me to seek help was a consistent longing and knowing that I wanted something different for my life which began and grew many years before I took action. Alongside hospitalization, I knew I wouldn't live much longer or have much quality of life if things didn't change.

A treasured experience of 5 months at a residential therapeutic community, a supportive GP who understands addiction and continual therapy with a psychologist who specializes in addiction have helped me stay in recovery. My main motivation to be in recovery is within myself and I have little to no external pressures or reasons. And besides all of this, my experience of life is overall, at the end of the day or first thing in the morning is more enjoyable when I'm abstinent

For me recovery means emotionally experiencing everything life has to offer, often for the first time from this angle with no escape. No Benders after a break up, no using through a stressful time. Just pure human life pure joy to pure sadness and everything in between.

Life is better, real and enjoyable.  For the first time I feel a part of society and the community and I know I have something to offer. I am gaining experience in dealing with stress and life stuff.