Recovery is a journey: a life full of meaning and purpose

Although I am on a journey of recovery, since 1994, I am not "in recovery"; I'm not "there" yet.  My own determination and faith in God has got me to the point where I am now, whereas harsh and ignorant critics just drive me to another cigarette and another glass of wine; I can't abstain whilst they're around!

I reduced my heavy abuse of alcohol, after 1993, when I acknowledged I had a significant problem. I've reduced more significantly over the years, including periods of abstinence, in the quest to have a greater sense of wellbeing. I have worked on alcohol and cigarette reduction together.

Recovery is a journey: a life full of meaning and purpose; healthy relationships; inner peace and calm; personal growth and development; helping others on their journey and volunteer work for the marginalised of society; radiating the joy of God and positive loved ones in my life; writing the second draft of my book on overcoming adversity and "regaining paradise" (a sense of wholeness).

I am a retired chiropractor and teacher and currently on the disability support pension for bipolar disorder (consequent to PSD, leading to the manifestation of manic-depressive illness). With the help of professionals, I do a lot of work on myself each and every day. I am looking for work as a consumer worker in the mental health arena, so I can help others on their recovery journey.