It’s never forgetting where you come from and using your experience and knowledge to guide you

I grew up in a family that had a lot of addiction issues. From an early age I began experimenting with drugs. I quickly moved through the levels of use and abuse till I became a heroin user. I fought alcohol addiction and won but only really changed it for another drug. Regardless I have always lived in private rental housing and worked to supply my addiction.

Finding out I was pregnant changed everything. When I fell pregnant I was put in touch with the CDU at the Royal Women’s. For me it was impossible to use with another human inside me. I felt it was my choice to wreck my life but not to inflict it in a child.

Being part of a community is the MOST valuable thing to assist us to stay in recovery. We already feel very different from everyone else so if we can find a place we are valued trusted and fit in it makes a massive difference. Sharc is an amazing service that truly offers acceptance to anyone who wants to fight their addiction and begin their recovery. Being part of Family Drug Help, APSU, getting involved in consumer participation are all tools I use to engage and make my life worthwhile..

Recovery means having an enjoyable and productive life. It’s being a part of something and putting in to help others. It’s never forgetting were you come from and using your experience to knowledge to guide you. It’s learning every day.

Life is just that, a life not just an existence. It’s something I can join in and be a part of. It’s an endless journey where I have to keep my eye on the ball all the time and use all my skills to keep me on track, but it’s worth it.