Richard’s story

Drugs weren't the answer for me, so I went drinking...................

Nothing stopped me drinking for a long, long, long, time. It didn't matter my friends were dropping off or my wife and daughter left. I still had two good jobs. I could amuse myself or find company when it took my fancy. I actually operated quite well in many fields for some time but the 'slap in the face' came when my health and appearance started to suffer. That may sound nuts but it was in that moment of clarity looking at myself that I could see the wreckage I'd caused behind me and the wreckage I was.

I have fashioned and hammered out a successful personal pathway to recovery through - trial by error, loss and gain, honesty, a willingness to learn and experimentation. I now have a life that is controlled and focused. I don't push too hard or try and change too quickly I know this has adverse affects. It's taking years and varying pathways but Not All Who Wander Are Lost.

My Liver specialist is happy and life is very different and very exciting.