Self-help modules

Completing one of our self-help modules may be a good place to start, if you don't feel like talking to someone at the moment.

Preparing to cut down or stop

Check out ways to prepare to cut down or stop alcohol or drug use.

Getting through withdrawal

Check out a simple five-step strategy for getting through alcohol or drug withdrawal.

Staying stopped

Once you have stopped alcohol or drug use, check out this page for ways to stay stopped.

Managing cravings

Cravings will only lose their power if you DON'T GIVE IN TO THEM, find out how to manage cravings here.

Relaxation techniques

Cravings can make people feel agitated, anxious and edgy. You CAN consciously decide to relax though...

Ways to relax

Are you using alcohol to manage stress? Check out our new campaign on new #WaysToRelax.