10 Jan 19

How well can you control your own impulses? Researchers at Monash University have created a brand new game which measures exactly that.

You can help with current research by being one of the first people to play the game, and find out just how ‘impulsive’ you are compared to other people. And, as a thank you for participating, we will email you a $10 Coles e-giftcard!

There will be three mini-games for three different types of thinking styles that we know can sometimes lead to an impulsive decision or action. After you play, we'll be able to tell you which (if any) of these thinking styles might be a problem for you, as well as some tools for managing and improving your self-control.

The research will help us to make the new games widely available, which could in turn help a lot of people with addiction problems. You can do it online and right now!

Play the games