Impulsivity Game - Research Study


How well can you control your own impulses?

Researchers at Monash University and Turning Point have created a brand new game which measures exactly that.

We are looking for people seeking help for their alcohol, drug use or gambling to try the game. It will help us understand how impulsive reactions influence your decision to control your drinking, drug use or gambling, and assist us to create innovative treatments that can help managing everyday impulses.

You can help by being one of the first people to play the game, and find out just how ‘impulsive’ you are compared to other people. There will be three mini-games for three different types of impulses, and some brief surveys about your level of drinking, drug use or gambling and experiences of craving. The current survey takes about 60 minutes to complete as it covers all the important information we need to make sure the interventions we want to develop are as helpful to as many people as possible. And, as a thank you for participating, we will email you a $60 Coles e-giftcard!

After you play, we'll be able to tell you which (if any) of these impulses might be a problem for you, as well as some tools for managing and improving your self-control.

You can do it online and right now from your computer.

Play the games