25 Sep 18

Researchers from Monash University and Turning Point are undertaking a new research project called 'What makes for high quality care online? Counsellor and client perceptions of care in online counselling' and would love to hear from you.

This project aims to explore: 

  1. Client and counsellor views about what makes for high quality online counselling 
  2. How care is provided online and how it could be improved 
  3. The health and wellbeing impacts of online care on clients’ lives.

You are invited to participate in an online survey and interview as you have recently used the Counselling Online service for potential concerns about your own alcohol and/or drug use. 

Your participation will help us to better understand service users’ views and experiences of online counselling and may inform the development of improved training and guidelines for online counsellors.

The online survey will be anonymous and will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Read more and complete the survey.

For further information about the project please contact Tony Barnett via email anthony.barnett@monash.edu or telephone 03 8413 8670.